Criminalization of Illicit Enrichment should not remain on Paper

The Government approved the decision on criminalization of illicit enrichment last week. As we have informed, Article 310.1 will be added in the Criminal Code, which in case of illicit enrichment provides imprisonment for the term of 3-6 years as a punishment, deprivation of right to hold certain posts or carry out certain activities for up to three years with confiscation of property.

Human rights activist Arthur Sakunts in the interview with mentioned that the decision cannot change anything in reality, the body which has the will and authority to do so would not operate in the country. “Many laws which are not applied or are applied selectively are transformed into a piece of paper.”.

In relation with having an independent anti-corruption body, A. Sakunts first mentioned that less than a year ago he had spoken about the effective functioning of the Anti-Corruption Council which was established by the Government. In order to observe effectively in fight corruption, it should act as an independent body.

“In order to have changes, it should be staffed with people who have wish, as well as are willing to and strive curb corruption. In addition, this body must have powers to conduct investigative and investigation activities. And if an independent body, where the persons involved are provided with authorities; then we can hope that something will be changed.”