Criminalization of Illicit Enrichment is the First Preventive Step: Lawyer

Last week the Government approved the decision on criminalization of illicit enrichment. As we have informed article 310.1 will be added in the Criminal Code. The article provides punishment for the term of imprisonment from three to six years, deprivation of right to hold certain posts or carry out certain activities for up to three years with confiscation of property.

In the interview with, Mr. Arkadi Sahakyan, the lawyer of the Union of information Techmology Entreprises (UITE) said that the approval of this draft may be considered as a step forward. “I believe it should have been criminalized long time ago. This is another tool, which enables carrying out monitoring of the activities of our officials. Senior officials must justify justify, where their castles, large property appear from. In this case, people will be vigilant, knowing that a criminal responsibility is provided for illegal enrichment. This will be the first preventive step.”

In this context, Arkadi Sahakyan noted the importance of creation of an independent anti-corruption body. Introduction of these two institutions will improve the social situation, raise the level of education and develop the economy. “We have no right to disappoint the public.”