Karen Karapetyan: Composition of the Anti-Corruption Council shall be changed

The Prime Minister has stressed the importance of the frank, open dialogue and cooperation with the European Union in all directions and added that he considers necessary the exchange of experience and introduction of the European cultural values in our country in the processes of business management, fight against corruption, protection of the human rights and the judicial reforms. Referring to the Government’s Action Plan, the Prime Minister noted that the main task of the executive is creation of fair, free and equitable framework for business and promotion of investment projects. The Head of the government informed that in the nearest future it is anticipated to establish funds which will co-finance the active, initiative and operating in the open field businesses, so that they are able to reproduce and develop. Measures to motivate the law-abiding taxpayer will be undertaken. Attaching importance to the need of changing the administration culture the Prime Minister mentioned that he did not see other way to the development of the country without shadow and fight against corruption in all fields. In this regard, the Prime Minister added that the government shall apply legislative initiatives for fight against corruption; the composition of Anti-Corruption Council shall be changed as well, the council shall involve representatives from public at large.

“We shall establish a Center for Strategic Initiatives and Reforms in the nearest future. In addition to the Government representatives, our partners from different countries of the world whose experience and knowledge is important for us will be involved in its activities as well. They shall outline the reforms that are needed in our country,” Karen Karapetyan said.

Head of EU Delegation to Armenia, Ambassador Piotr Switalski expressed gratitude for the reception and said that they were impressed with ambitions of the Prime Minister and the government, the reforms’ agenda, and added that he sees the building of the future of Armenia just in that way. The Ambassador stressed that the EU, as a friend of Armenia is ready to assist to our country aimed at the economic development, and the improvement of the business environment, tax and customs administration. Referring to the issue of fight against corruption Mr. Switalski noted that he was impressed with the variety of events planned by the Government and expressed willingness to closely cooperate in this direction. The Ambassador also highlighted implementation of reforms and cooperation in the areas of election process, independence of the judiciary, and protection of the human rights.

A number of issues of mutual interest were discussed at the meeting as well.