The Case of the Judge accused in taking a 20 Thousand USD Bribe is in the Court of Appeals

The case of judge Khachatur Khachatryan accused by the Court of First Instance to eight years of imprisonment for taking a bribe in the amount of 20 thousand USD, is in the Court of Appeals. The advocates of the judge submitted the part of their claim to the Court of Appeals.

Advocate Karen Tumanyan said that the of the claim refers to the on the violation of the procedural and substantive law. Today the court got acquainted with the complaint related to violation of procedural law. The accused judge was present at the court session, his health condition was normal..

The case is being heard by the jury of three judges of the court of Appeals: Sevak Hambardzumyan (presiding judge), Arshak Khachatryan and Manushak Petrosyan. The next hearing is scheduled for November 17.