Vardan Aramyan’s Property and Income

Vardan Aramyan was appointed Minister of Finance by Presidential decree on September 20. Prior to this position, he was the First Deputy Chief of Presidential Staff. He assumed the office on 5 September, 2013.

While assuming the office he declared:

Two apartments in a block of house,
23.8 million AMD
10 000 USD,
28.79 million AMD income, 15.85 million of which was received as remuneration for work, 940 thousand AMD as the percentage of borrowings given, 12 million AMD from the loans taken,
13760 Euros as “other income”.

According to the annual declaration of 2013, we learn that he had 27.7 million AMD, 10 thousand USD savings, 8.52 million AMD and 5.120 EUR income at the end of this year.

During 2014, Vardan Aramyan sold his apartment for 22.67 million AMD. At the beginning of the tax year, he lent 8 million AMD, 9.97 million was lent during the year. From all this money 14.97 million AMD was returned and at the end of the year he had 3 million AMD given on lent.

At the end of this year, his savings amounted to 16 million AMD and 10 thousand USD. Whereas the income compared to the previous year, significantly increased due to the money received from the sale of the apartment. The income amounted to 50.43 million AMD (7.02 million AMD from salary, 20 million AMD from loans, 745 thousand AMD from the interest rates of loans, 22.67 million AMD from the apartment sale) and 9.730 EUR.

During 2015, Vardan Aramyan’s 3 million AMD loan was returned completely. But during this year he gave a loan of 52 thousand USD, which was not returned by the end of the year. He declared a total of 1 million AMD savings at the end of the year. As for the income, he declared 8.060 EUR and 10.95 million AMD, 10.13 million AMD of which received from salary, and 817 thousand AMD from the loan interest rates.

His wife, Isabella Hovhannisyan, had 35 thousand USD and 12 thousand EUR savings at the beginning of 2013, and at the end of the year it has grown to 37 thousand USD and 15 thousand EUR. She declared 694.320 AMD (salary and loan interest rate), 16.038 EUR salary and 2.700 USD loan interest rate for income.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn 2014, Isabella Hovhannisyan purchased an apartment for 52.69 million AMD in a block of flats and sold another apartment for 12 million AMD. At the end of year her savings amounted to 35 thousand USD and 20 thousand EUR, and the income amounted to 13.83 million AMD (544.320 AMD of which was from salary, 12 million AMD from the apartment sale, 1.28 million AMD loan interest rates) and 16.632 EUR (remuneration for work).

During 2015, Isabella Hovhannisyan purchased MERCEDES-BENZ C230 model car for 3.5 million AMD. She gave 40 thousand USD as loan, which was fully returned.

At the end of the year she had 40 thousand USD and 20 thousand EUR as savings. She declared 2.37 million AMD (544.320 AMD of which from salary for work, 1.83 million from loam interest rates) and 16.632 EUR income (remuneration from salary).