“All went down to see where it was … A loud shout was heard.” Testimony about the Murder of the Cadet

A short while ago the trial on the murder case of 19-year-old cadet Haykaz Barseghyan was renewed. As we had informed the defendant Movses Azaryan feels bad and an ambulance was called to the court. The doctors fixed the abnormal high blood pressure.

However, Movses Azaryan said that he felt well and should participate in the court case. Then interrogation of the victim in the case Artush Simonyan began.

He said that he had no hostile or friendly relations with the defendants. He knew the mudreded Haykaz Barseghyan but they were not in close relations.

At the night of the murder he was on guard, but he did not perform his duties properly. He had to sleep two hours a night, and then two hours control the movement on their floor. But he was tired and went to sleep. Therefore, he did not see the incident.

“When the unit woke up, got up with them. Someone shouted from the third floor that Haykaz was not there. Haykaz was not in the sleeping room. All went down to see where he was. Those who saw it shouted… There was a loud shout. I do not remember whom I learned it from.” The victim does not remember who told hm about Haykaz’s death. But he has repeatedly said that he knew about it as much as the others.

During interrogation the victim was bound. He initially said that he did not remember much, as a long time have passed. He said he did not have problems or conflicts with the defendants. To prosecutor’s question why then he is a victim in the case, he rememberd that they had a “light” quarrel and bickering with Varazdat Safaryan, one of the defendants. It was noisy during the lesson in the classroom and Varazdat demanded to keep quite so that they can listen. After a while, he asked a question about the lessons to one of the friends. And the quarrel started from this. As a result of a skirmish his lip was wonded and there was a little blood.

The victim said he had no other contacts with other defendants and could not say anything about the relations between other cadets.


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