Property and Assets of the Former Deputy Prosecutor General

As we have informed, on 18 June, Hrachya Badalyan was released from the position of Deputy Prosecutor General by the RA President’s Decree. Prior to this position, he was the prosecutor of the Yerevan city since 2001. Below is the information on his property and assets that he had declared in recent years.

At the beginning of 2011, he had 18 million AMD which by the end increased and totaled to 21 million AMD. His income totaled to 6.74 million AMD from salary.

In 2012, his funds have totaled to 23 million AMD, while income from salary, amounted to 6.9 million AMD.

In 2013, he sold his land plot for 420 thousand USD. And at the end of the year his funds amounted to 25 million AMD and 400 thousand USD. Income received from salary was 6.69 million AMD. He received 1.45 million AMD the interest from credits and 420 thousand USD from alienation of property.

In 2014, Badalyan provided 400 thousand USD from his assets as the loan, the savings amounted to 28 million AMD. This year his revenue totaled 18.02 million AMD, of which 9.75 million AMD was remuneration for labor and 8.27 million AMD was interest from the provided loan.

In 2015 the Deputy Prosecutor General bought a flat for 20.23 million AMD. He got back the loan of 400 thousand USD and again provided it as a loan. The income was 23.69 million, of which 12.76 received as the salary, the rest 12.76 million AMD of interest from the loan.

Property when assuming and termination of the office

Hrachya Badalyan assumed the office of Deputy Prosecutor General in 2013. At the time of assuming the office he declared:

  • Individual residential house built on the land and its economic structures;
  • 3 pieces of land,
  • saving 25 million AMD,
  • income 11.56 million AMD.

In 2016, at the time of termination of the office he declared:

  • Apartment in an apartment building
  • Individual residential house built on the land and its economic structures;
  • 2 land plots,
  • US $ 400 000, issued on loan
  • savings of 11.5 million AMD,
  • income 14.69 million AMD.