Retired Alik Mirzabekyan’s Property and Assets

Alik Mirzabekyan, Deputy Minister of Defense, the former Chief of Logistics Department was relived from the position on 26 April on Presidential Decree. He had assumed office on 25 February, 2009.

At the beginning of 2011, he had 81 million AMD, which at the end became 50 million AMD. During this year, he lent 5 million AMD. His income was 12.17 million AMD of which 4.57 million was remuneration for job, 2.75 million AMD from dividends, 1.75 million AMD from the loan interests and 3.1 million AMD were “other income.”

In 2012, his savings totaled to 54.5 mln AMD, the amount of provided loans 8.4 mln AMD, The income was tripled and amounted to 35.88 mln AMD, of which 4.98 was remuneration for job, 13.5 mln. AMD and 14.3 mln. AMD from dividends, and 3.1 million AMD were “other income.”

In 2013, his savings increased and totaled to 61 mln. AMD. The amount of provided loans was not changed – 8.4 mln AMD. The income compared with the previous year was doubled and amounted to 68.11 mln AMD. The salary was not even the 10 percent of the income. The main portion of the ex-Deputy Minister was received from dividends. Thus, his salary totaled to 4.95 mln. AMD, the pension was 3.1 mln. AMD, the dividends were 13.8 mln. And 43 mln. AMD respectively. The interest from loans was 3.24 mln AMD.

In 2014, his savings doubled and amounted to 68.2 mln. AMD. There is no information about loans. It is not clear where the missing 8.4 million AMD loan of the previous year was. The income decreased and amounted to 48.31 mln. AMD, of which the salary was 6.03 mln. AMD, pension totaled to 3.1 mln. AMD, dividends were 25.35 mln. AMD and 5.95 mln. AMD respectively, the interests from loans was 7.86 mln. AMD. By the way, notably he declared the loan proceeds, but there is no data on borrowing in this year.

In 2015, Alik Mirzabekyan gave 75.37 mln. AMD credit. But the funds have decreased to 4.32 mln. AMD. The income has decreased as well and totaled to 26.53 mln. AMD of which 6.21 mln. AMD was the salary, 3.08 mln. AMD was the pension. The dividends were 8 mln. AMD and 800 thousand AMD. The interest from loans was 7.43 mln. AMD.

At the moment of termination the office, Alik Mirzabekyan declared:

• 1 individual residential house built on the land plot, with its economic structures,
• 75.37 mln. AMD given as loan,
• 3.2 mln. AMD savings,
• 7.46 mln. AMD income.

At the beginning of 2011, his wife Iveta Israelyan had 700 thousand AMD and 27.5 thousand USD. At the end of the same year she had 5 mln. AMD and 1250 USD. During the year she gave 12 mln. AMD as a loan. Her income was 14.05 mln AMD of which 1.66 mln AMD was the salary and 12.39 mln. AMD was the income from dividends.

During 2012, Iveta Israelyan provided 3 mln. AMD as loan. At the end of the year the sum of 15 mln AMD, which she provided as loan was returned. Her funds rapidly increased and amounted to 24.y mln AMD and 20.45 thousand USD. The income also increased and totaled to 26.73 mln. AMD of which 1.73 mln. AMD was the salary and the remaining was received from dividends.

In 2013, her income fell sharply, but the savings significantly increased, mysteriously. Thus, her funds amounted to 37.4 mln. AMD and 11.28 thousand USD, whereas the income was 2.16 mln. AMD of which 1.9 mln. AMD was the salary and 268 thousand AMD was the interest received from the loans.

Note that she had not declared the money transferred on loan but it is clear that such a transaction had taken place and she received the income from it. Notably, the biggest sources of her income during the previous years – the dividends had disappeared.

In 2014, her funds amounted to 38.1 mln. AMD and 8 thousand USD. The income was 5.26 mln. AMD, of which 2.53 mln. AMD was the salary, and 3.72 mln. AMD the income from loans.

In 2015, Iveta Israelyan gave 38.25 mln. AMD as loan. The funds at the end of the year totaled to 12.04 mln. AMD and 8 thousand USD, The income was 23.37 mln. AMD of which 3.24 mln AMD was the salary, 16 mln AMD were dividends and 4.13 mln AMD was the interest from loans.

Astghik Karapetyan