Disclosing “Panama Papers” Panama shows the World that it fights Corruption

This year in December, the International Anti-Corruption Conference will be held in Panama. The leaders of fight against corruption worldwide will participate in the Conference. Mr. Karen Zadoyan, President of the “Armenian Lawyers Association” NGO said in the interview with “Herankar” (Perspective) Program of “Shant” TV.

According to Mr. Zadoyan, the disclosure of “Panama Papers” was made just in this context, showing that hat Panama is trying to fight against corruption.

During the interview the President of “Armenian Lawyers Association”talked about the attractive feature of offshore zones, the problems that these zones arise, fight against corruption, as well as the introduction of mechanisms of impunity.

In reply to the question why it is illegal that Mihran Poghosyan is a party of an offshore company, Karen Zadoyan brought an illustrative example, “In April 2013, the French Budget Minister Jerome Kauzak was dismissed only because of the fact that he had undeclared accounts in the Swiss Bank.”

According to Karen Zadoyan having a company in the offshore zone is not an offense. The world’s largest companies, such as for example Google have registered companies in offshore zones. This allows to find the most optimal solutions to work in the tax field. The problem here is that current or former corrupt officials transfer the illegally earned money to offshore zones and these amounts are legalized through the companies there. They participate in the public procurement sectors through these companies.

Mr. Zadoyan also gave an example that last year Iravaban.net had reflected to the fact of purchase of apartments by the Government from “Mikmetal” Company, which had a major shareholder in the offshore zone.

Details of the interview in the video.