He went about 200 Meters under the Fire to save his wounded Friend

On the night of April 30, 20-year-old soldier Sargis Gasparyan was seriously wounded in Talish. He saw his friend Vazgen Harutyunyan fell and he went about 200 meters under the enemy’s fire to save his friend and bring him to the positions. Unfortunately he was seriously wounded at that time. Inga Gasparyan, his sister told to Iravaban.net.1395207_598380403593246_6777782054681635467_n

According to his sister, Sasun Shakyan, her brother’s friend who saved her brother told about his heroism.

“When Sargis went to save Vazgen, the latter was still alive. Sargis with another boy took Vazgen to the ambulance. Unfortunately, Vazgen was wounded in the throat…”

Afgter that, when Sargis was going back to the positions, he was wounded in his leg, then the bullet hit his belly, it was а perforating wound. As a result, all the internal organs except the heart were damaged.

Sasun who saved Sargis told that Sargis had not understood that he was wounded in the belly. He thought that the wound was in his leg and the feeling of weakness and pain was the result of the leg wound. Sasun asked him, “Are you afraid Sargis? How are you?” Sargis answered, “No, I am well. Simply I feel some warmth in the belly,” his sister told.

Sasun quickly brought him to the ambulance. The way from Talish to Martakert is rather long, it took around two hours when they reached the hospital.

12715534_927835917314358_8328773426546609294_nHe underwent emergency surgery in Martakert. When the condition was slightly stabilized, he was taken to a hospital in Stepanakert to the intensive care unit․In the interview with Iravaban.net Artsrun Hovhannisyan, the Press Secretary of of the RA Ministry of Defense said that his situation was critical stable.

“His condition is the heaviest among all the injured who are in Stepanakert hospital. The doctors did everything possible. Now, we just need to pray…,” his sister said.

All three boys are from Shushi. Sargis had accomplished his military service this year on 5 February, but in early April when the situation of war was escalated, he volunteered and went to the frontline.

Sargis is a second year student at “Mesrop Mashtots” University in Stepanakert.

By the way, in the conversation his sister said that Sargis had received such a severe wound as he did not have a bulletproof vest. “It is not clear whether the vests were not provided, or the boys did not put them on.”


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