Eduard Nalbandyan’s Property and Income

Edward Nalbandyan, the RA Minister of Foreign Affairs, assumed the office in 2008.

We learn from his declaration on property and income of 2011 that at the beginning of the year he had 102.6 thousand EUROs, which by the end of the year decreased and totaled to 49, 8 thousand EUROs. During that Year Eduard Nalbandyan’s income from salary was 6,34 million AMD. He also inherited 54 million in the form of natural products.

In 2012, he did not submit a declaration on annual income. However he submitted a declaration on re=assuming the office. The Foreign Minister declared funds of 49, 8 thousand EUROs, 140 thousand USD. Interestingly there is not any indication about the mentioned 140 thousand USD in the annual declarations, and it is unclear how it disappeared from his assets.

At the beginning of 2013 (or at the end of 2012), Eduard Nalbandyan’s funds totaled to 2.97 million AMD and 52.3 thousand EUROs. At the end of the year they totaled to 4.58 million AMD and 55.6 thousand EUROs. The income received as remuneration for labor was 6,38 million AMD.

In 2014, his funds amounted to 58.7 thousand EUROs and 7.1 million AMD. His income was 8.13 million AMD as remuneration for job.

In 2015, his funds amounted to 9.62 million AMD and 63.3thousand EUROs, His income from remuneration for labor was 9.59 million AMD

In the decleration of 2011, his spouse, Natalia Nalbandyan has no record. This means that according to the declaration she had no monetary assets, or income. In 2012, she disi not submit a declaration similarly as her husband did.

Whereas the beginning of 2013 (or at the end of 2012), she had 19,9+ thousand EUROs, which by the end of the year totaled to 18.7 EUROs. She did not have any income during that year. It is unclear which sources this funds generated from and even increased by the end of the year.

The funds of Natalia Nalbandyan, who had no income continued to grow in 2014 as well amounting to 20.3 thousand EUROs and in 2015 they amounted to 21.7 thousand EUROs.

The Foreign Minister’s contribution to the extra-budgetary account of NKR government is 756 thousand AMD.

Astghik Karapetyan