Judicial Bribery Case. The Prosecutor demanded 3 Years of Imprisonment for the Female Assistant of the Judge

Today, in the Court of First Instance of Erebuni and Nubarashen Communities of Yerevan, the prosecutor demanded 3 years of imprisonment for Armine Karapetyan.

Note, that Armine Karapetyan the assistant of the Judge of the Court of First Instance of Erebuni and Nubarashen Communities of Yerevan, was charged with the fact that she demanded a bribe of 1500 USD from Alina Hovhannisyan for appointing non-custodial penalty against her son Garik Yesayan, but she did not give her any money because she did not have it.

Today, Armine Karapetyan claimed that she did not know Alina Hovhannisyan and dealt with her only in the terms of the criminal case by Judge Vladimir Grigoryan’s recommendations. However the prosecutor found these arguments not true.

He cited a part from Alina Hovhannisyan’s testimony, according to which the judge’s assistant called her and started a conversation about the bribe.

The prosecutor considers that the facts and testimonies in the court trial are enough to sentence Armine Karapetyan for 3 years of imprisonment according to Article 34-178, Part 2, Point 2 of the RA Criminal Code.

At the end, the advocate said that the prosecutor should have declined that shameful accusation. According to the advocate Armine Karapetyan should be recognized insane.

Simon Amirkhanyan, he defense attorney of the accused Armine Karapetyan noted that at first Alina did not tell the SIS investigator anything about the bribe and that Armine Karapetyan did not demanded bribe from her.

The telephone talks between the victim and close people around her, as well as prosecutor Apian were also investigated. In one of those interceptions Apian urged Alina to testify against the judge.

Armine Karapetyan should have to represent her final speech at this court hearing, but the trial was postponed and appointed tomorrow because of the court workload.


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