“He promised to make a Surprise, closed the Eyes of his Girlfriend, immediately took out the Kitchen Knife and cut her Throat”.

“The same antenna served; the callс came to the same cell phone…” Today the trial on the case of the murder of young waitress Mariam Hunanyan was continued, and investigation of the CDs with transcripts of the telephone conversation in the Court of General Jurisdiction of Ajapnyak and Davitashen Administrative Districts of Yerevan took place.

The hearing was held in the same atmosphere and in the same way. The investigation of this case is going on for already three years, three judges and three prosecutors have been changed.

According to the protocol of the actions of the court investigation, the culprit has admitted his guilt, he told that he went the apartment with the victim, where he asked her to lie down on the bed and closed her eyes and said that he had a surprise for her “Immediately when she closed her eyes, he took the kitchen knife and cut her throat, then he put the knife into his pocket and went to the toilet to wash his hands, he washed and clean his hands with the towel and put it into the pocket then he entered the sitting-room, took another towel and cleaned the fingerprints and put it into his pocket,” reads the protocol.

It is due to remind that according to the indictment, Davit Tamrazyan charged for the fact that he was being personally offended by Mariam Hunanyan with whom he had a relationship before and now they already have broken their relationship, with the aim of illegally depriving her from life, on 7 May, 2013 he killed Mariam Hunanyan. In order to hide the traces of the crime he set fire in the apartment, which is considered to be the scene place and caused property damage of 680.437 AMD to the owner of the apartment.

Notice: The person suspected in or accused of an alleged crime is presumed innocent unless proven guilty in the manner prescribed by the RA Criminal Procedure Code in accordance with the Court’s verdict made effective.


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