“We are sitting in prison for Nothing for 3 years“: Culprits got angry; Tense Atmosphere at the Court

Today, forensic medical expert Artashes Khachatryan, who was invited to the court by the defense’s motion, was questioned on the case of armed gang.

Notably, defendants Karen Vardanyan, Rafayel Haroyan and Hayk Kojoyan had conducted the banditry attack on the currency exchange office in “Yerrord mas” with “Jung”. Then Karen Vardanyan shot and killed Hakob Mkrtchyan, the employee of the exchange office. Hayk Kojoyan was also injured during that incident. However, the defense party claims that Hayk was not there.

At today’s hearing the defense party tried to understand how the forensic medical doctor determined that the injury on Hayk’s wrist is a gunshot injury. During the examination Hayk told that he was drunk and fell on a construction rebar injuring his wrist.

The forensic medical doctor said that he took into account a number of factors; size of the scars, their shape, direction, intensity and so on. Before making a final report, X-ray examination was appointed and it showed that there were no bone injuries. He determined the transient nature of the injuries by their appearance.

To make the situation clear, defender Liparit Simonyan asked the doctor to show on his hand what kind of injuries there were and in what part of the hand. Then the lawyer said that on that there is a bone in mentioned part and in case of a gunshot injury the bone would have been broken.

Interestingly, the forensic medical examination has been carried out 2 months after the incident happened. The forensic medical doctor said he could not determine the exact time of getting the injury.

After the interrogation, Hayk Kojoyan’s defender Armen Feroyan filed a motion to appoint double forensic medical examination and answer to these questions; whether it was a gunshot injury or not and if the injury could have been caused by other subject.

Other defenders also joined the motion and asked to assign another medical expert for the examination. The prosecution party objected to the motion saying that the expert thoroughly answered the given questions.

The court will refer to that motion later.

The next court hearing is appointed on the 17th of May.


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