The Court of Appeal heard the Complaint of the Defense the Trafficking Case

As we have informed the examination of the case of Heriqnaz Khachatryan who was accused of trafficking the Armenian women in Dubai is continued in the Court of Appeal.

The Defense Party demanded to overturn the verdict of the Court of First Instance and send the case to a new examination or change it or if Heriqnaz’s participation in the crime will be proved, to set a lenient sentence.

The Court of First Instance sentenced Heriqnaz Khachatryan to 11.5 years of imprisonment. During the first sitting the defense attorney Hamlet Gevorgyan mentioned that the Court of First Instance has breached the constitutional, procedural and material law. He also mentioned that the circumstance that his defendant was deported from Dubai in 2008 and until 2014 did not have the right to visit Dubai, and therefore could not have participated in the process of Sexual Exploitation of Women. Besides, there is no evidence that her sister Bavakan had telephone calls with Heriqnaz during then process of exploitation women. It is obvious she made a call to Dubai, but Heriqnaz wasn’t in Dubai at that time.

According to the indictment, Heriqnaz lived in Dubai, and then engaged in peddling and human trafficking, she joint her elder sister Bavakan Khachatryan and a criminal group organized by Nelly Nersisyan for people’s exploitation.

They had a corresponding division of roles to carry out their criminal intention that is Nelly Nersisyan headed the criminal group’s activities by organizing the recruited people’s access, transportation costs and met them in Dubai city, while Heriqnaz and Bavakan Khachatryans dealt with the recruitment of women, transportation, their transfer and concealment.

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