Swearing and Scuffle in the Courtroom: Verdict was published in Tense Atmosphere

Today, the last court hearing on the episode of large scale embezzlement from “Armbusinessbunk” took place. During the trail the defendant Vahe Stepanyan held the last plea, where he asked the court to appoint a lenient punishment, taking into account that he has a little child and elderly parents under his care. The defendant also presented the document from the bank, which proves that he had paid back the whole amount claimed in his civil lawsuit by the bank.

Further, the court presided by Judge Arshak Vardanyan went to the deliberation room and in an hour promulgated the verdict.

Comparing with other former trails the defendant Tigran Hovhannisyan was present at the promulgation of verdict. Thus, Tigran Hovhannisyan was sentenced to 6 years imprisonment, without confiscation of property, and Edita, his wife was convicted to 5 years imprisonment. The court taking into account the circumstance that she was in detention for already 2 years 9 months and 17 days, decided a punishment of 2 years, 2 month and 13 days of imprisonment for her. The court applied Article 70 of the Criminal Code relating to conditional punishment and released her in the courtroom.

The final punishment for Gohar Gabrielyan was appointed as 4 years of imprisonment and again applying Article 70 of Criminal Code. The punishment shall not be applied conditionally and 3 years probation was assigned for her. Accordingly the precautionary measure of signature remained unchanged until the verdict comes into force.

Mnactskan Sargsyan was sentenced to 5 years of imprisonment without confiscation of property. Vahe Stepanyan was sentenced to 4 year of imprisonment, Marlen Muradyan was sentenced to 4 year of imprisonment, but in his case article 70 of Criminal Code related to not to applying the punishment conditionally was applied as well.

The civil claim submitted by the bank was left without consideration. And will be examined in the civil procedure.

Publication of the verdict was interrupted by unpleasant incident; a group of people in the courtroom attacked the defendants, swore and scuffle. The police officers and judicial bailiffs tried to restore order and made them leave the courtroom.

The same persons showed aggressive attitude towards the journalists who covered the case. They threw plastic bottles filled with water on them.


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