Expensive Justice: Tracking the Millions of Administrative Court’s Judges

Expensive Justice: Tracking the Millions of Administrative Court’s Judges

“Being informed, realize public control!” This is a quote from the video published on the websites of The Commission on Ethics of High-Ranking Officials of Armenia.

Why does Iravaban.net refer to the declarations of the judges: “Why do you deal with other people’s money?” “Stop counting other’s money!”

What business do we have with other people’s money?” “Stop counting other’s money!” Such appeals and criticisms especially by the social network users are irrelevant and even ridiculous. The society should speak, discuss, voice and most importantly raise questions and demand replies to the following: how it happened that the officials with an annual salary of 3 million AMD, in this case a judge, has more than 200 millions AMD, how a donation of 20.000 USD appeared in his declaration, etc.

These are questions which should be raised; therefore we have counting and are going to count the official’s money, thus, using one of the methods of the public control.

As for counting the money; this time the series “Expensive Justice” has focused on the judges of the Administrative Courts. Who is the richest judge in this court and how much money he has? The details are in the article.

There are many rich judges in the administrative court: The riches is a woman.

26 judges of the Administrative Court have submitted declarations; half of them appeared in our focus.

Karen Matevosyan

The Chairman of the Court opens the series. In 2011, Karen Matevosyan had 38 million AMD, 41 thousand USD and 6 thousand EUROs. In 2013 he sold property for 28 million USD, by the end of 2014, her cash assets totaled to 35.6 AMD, 100 thousand USD and 4 thousand EUROs, his job salary totaled to 7.9 million AMD in a year. So, the judge has 61.2 million AMD.

The spouse of the Chairman of the Court, Irina Hovhannisyan had 42.5 million AMD and 1300 USD by the end of 2011. There are no significant changes during the next few years, only by the end of 2014. Her cash assets amounted to 39 million AMD, 1100 USD, the cash assets of the judge and his wife amounted to 110 million AMD.

AghasiIn 2011, Aghasi Darbinyan from the same court had 38 million AMD, next year his incomes increased by 2 million AMD. In 2013, the judge alienated his BMW X5 3.0 I for 10 million AMD, by the end of 2014 his cash assets totaled to 70 million AMD. During a tax year Mr. Darbinyan sold MERCEDES-BENZ 500 for 16 million AMD, and purchased GAZ 24 for 200 thousand AMD. The job salary of the judge was 5.4 million AMD. By the end of 2014, his wife Gayane Darbinyan had 35 million AMD; she also got income of 14 million AMD from rent. The cash assets of the judge and his wife amount to 105 million AMD.

At the end of 2011, another judge of the Administrative Court, Arman Tovmasyan purchased a PORSCHE CAYENNE S 3.2 vehicle for 13.6 million AMD. At the beginning of the year his cash assets totaled to 10 million AMD and 55 thousand USD, and at the end of the year it increased by 7 million AMD, the judge received loan of 24.5 million AMD.

Next year his cash assets continued to increase. In 2013, he sold his car for 15 million AMD; in 2014 the judge purchased a MERCEDES-BENZ S550 vehicle for 15 million AMD and sold it at the end of the year for the same price. At the end of 2014, the cash assets of Mr. Tovmasyan totaled to 47.9 million AMD and 55 thousand USD. In 2014, Anna Gyulumyan, the judge’s wife, had 4 million AMD and 15 thousand USD. The funds of this couple amounted to 86 million in Armenian currency.

Xazaryan A_At the end of 2014, Judge Argishti Ghazaryan declared 400 thousand USD. He had purchased a LEXUS 470L vehicle. He also gave and received back a loan of 15 thousand USD in that year. The judge declared other income in the amount of 10 million AMD as well. The judge’s spouse is a notary officer and has declared only income from salary of 12 million AMD in the fiscal year. The Judge and his wife together have 210 million AMD.

Argishti Xazaryan

In 2014, the Judge of the Administrative Court Edvard Nahapetyan had 25 million AMD, 14 thousand USD and 12 thousand EUROs. In the same year he received a loan of 10 thousand USD and heritage with natural products for 12 million AMD. The next year he received a loan of 50 thousand USD. In 2013, the Judge purchased a vehicle PORSCHE CAYENNE S 4.5 for 8.4 million AMD.

In 2014 his funds amounted to 14 thousand USD and 18 million AMD. His salary in the fiscal year totaled to 10 million AMD. The Judges’ funds in 2014 totaled to 24.9 million AMD.

Arkadi Mkrtchyan who assumed the position in 2014, declared 4 land plots, 5.6 million AMD and 17 thousand USD. He has 14 million AMD.

Poxosyan A_

Judge Arthur Tsaturyan from the same court has not declared any income but the salary since 2011. However, in 2014, he bought a LEXUS RX 330 vehicle for 15 thousand USD.

Another Judge, Arthur Poghosyan, had 16.9 million AMD, 48 thousand USD and 33 thousand EUROs at the end of 2011. His funds remained unchanged during the next years. His wife’s funds remained unchanged during the four years as well: 2.9 million AMD, and 4.500 USD. They have 63.9 million AMD.

Ms Ani Harutyunyan, Judge of the RA Administrative Court is rather rich. She assumed the position in 2013. Assuming the office she declared 7 flats and 3 public buildings. But this is not all: the parade of abundance is Ani Harutyunyan(1)

continued in the following sections of the declaration. Ms Harutyunyan has shares 27.9 million AMD and 50 thousand AMD shares, and a VOLKSWAGEN TOUAREG 4.2 vehicle.

This female judge’s funds amounted to 62 million AMD, 350 thousand USD and 200 thousand EUROs at the end of 2014. It appears that this judge has 346 million AMD.

During that year she received a 37 thousand USD and 5 million AMD loans. The income includes also 6.2 million AMD funds received from rent. The judge’s salary in the fiscal year was 5 million AMD. The Judges husband has 100 million AMD; his salary in the fiscal year was 2.4 million AMD. The couple has a total amount of 446 million AMD.


So, Ani Harutyunyan, the female judge of the Administrative Court, appears to be the richest judge of this court, as well as the richest of all judges from all courts that we have observed in the scope of our study.

Judge Arman Dilanyan has a building for industrial purposes. When he assumed the position in 2013 his funds amounted to 45 million AMD, 150 thousand and 120 thousand EUROs. Next year his funds reduced only in Armenian currency in the amount of 5 million AMD. His spouse has 6.5 million AMD and 14 thousand USD. The judge and his wife have 193 million AMD.

Judge Karen Zarikyan assumed the position in 2013; he declared 2 apartments, and an OPEL ASTRA 1.8 vehicle. He had 15 million AMD, 37 thousand USD and 26 thousand EUROs. In 2013 he received donations of 20 thousand USD and 50 thousand Russian rubles. In his next declaration there is also a registered donation in the amount of 13 thousand USD. At the end of 2014, the financial means of the Judge reduced in Armenian currency reaching to 13,8 million AMD, 37 thousand USD and 26 thousand EUROs. His annual salary was 4,9 million AMD. He has 46 million AMD.

And finally, the last judge to appear in the focus of our attention is Judge Mikael Melkumyan. He assumed the position in 2013, and declared one land plot, on public building, 20.5 million AMD and 17 thousand EUROs, a share and a VAZ 2112 vehicle. In 2014 he sold the vehicle for 2 million AMD and bought a MERCEDES-BENZ ML350 4MATIC vehicle for 3 million AMD.

At the end of 2014, his funds amounted to 20 million AMD and 17 million EUROs. His wife has 45 million AMD. The couple’s funds total to 73 million AMD.

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