Agencies and International Instruments of Fight against Corruption

Today, the students of the of Anti-Corruption School for Young Leaders started the regular seminar from the discussion of the law authorities which consider the corruption crimes and finished it with the study of the international instruments for fight against corruption and analyses of the legal norms subjecting the legal entities to liability.

The first speaker was Advocate Miss Syuzanna Soghomonyan, AYLA Board Member, who spoke about the Investigating Committee and the National Security Bodies, presented their structure and the procedures for accepting the employees and their activities.

AYLA Member, Advocate Miss Mariam Zadoyan, spoke about the international instruments of fight against corruption, including the United Nations Convention against Corruption; Council of Europe Criminal Law Convention on Corruption; Council of Europe Civil Law Convention on Corruption and other legal documents. She spoke about their objectives and structures as well.

Miss Zadoyan introduced the legal regulations for legal entities, and referred to the grounds for calling them to liability.

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