CSOs’ Anti-Corruption Coalition Members met with Disabled People.

On November 30, the CSOs group of Ararat marz of CSOs’ Anti-Corruption Coalition organized a discussion with people with disabilities in “Miasin” NGO in Ararat town.

During the meeting Tigran Shirinyan, the President of “Miasin” NGO and a member of the CSOs group of Ararat marz of CSOs’ Anti-Corruption Coalition presented the topic “Corruption Risks in the Social Field towards People with Disabilities.”

They particularly spoke about the corruption risks in the relations between MSE Commission (Medical and Social Examination) and people with disabilities. The participants told their stories about the iniquities made by MSE Commissions.

The beneficiaries mainly expressed dissatisfaction that they are not provided with information about the procedures and criteria required while getting disability categories. They also spoke about such cases when as a result of wrong conclusions the patients received a wrong treatment, which cause a number of adverse effects. They complained about illegally required money and incomprehensibly appointing of pensions.

On the assumption of the fact that public awareness is one of the main components of fight against corruption, the Decisions 780-N (13.06.2003) and 276-N (02.03.2006) of the RA Government on establishing criteria of medical and social examination and the procedure of its implementation respectively, was distributed among the participants on the initiative of the Coalition. This will enable them to be informed in relations with the MSE Commissions and demand of them to act within the requirements of law.