Organizations of CSOs’ Anti-Corruption Coalition of Ararat marz raised the problems that exist in the Region

On 17 November, the CSOs group of Ararat marz of CSOs’ Anti-Corruption Coalition met in the round table discussion on “Corruption Risks in the Environmental Protection Sphere of Ararat Marz” organized in “Aarhus Center” of Ararat marz. Ms Kristine Balayan, member of CSOs’ group reported on the theme.

Specifically she distinguished poaching, illegal construction activities in the territory of the preserves, air pollution by the cement plant in Ararat City, the waste of the gold plant, and especially the hazardous nature of the cyanide tailings dam and the adjacent area, as well as the improper management of the artesian wells and the threats that jeopardize the environment as a result.

On the suggestion of Mr. Tigran Matevosyan, the Regional Coordinator/Expert of “Multi-Faceted Anti-Corruption Promotion Project”, the representatives of Ararat marz CSOs’ group tried to coordinate the existing problems, which were split into four groups. The problems are not transparent and there are not corresponding mechanisms to solve them. The sewage disposal station is missing in Ararat, and there is a general problem in the sphere of groundwater resources management. At the same time the relevant structures are indifferent towards these issues.