“There is nothing Impossible”. Future Leaders on overcoming the Corruption

After the presentation on “Contemporary Leaders of Fight against Corruption: Saakashvili” Syuzanna Galstyan, one of the participants of the Anti-Corruption School for Young Leaders, expressed the thought that today’s system of the Road Police needs to be changed fundamentally. She added that the same changes need to be introduced to the other departments of the police as well.

Ani Samsonyan, another participant of the School, believes that radical changes imply that many risks should be taken.

“There is nothing impossible,” insists another participant of the School, economist Gurgen Azatyan. According to him, in Georgia corruption was previously as widespread as it is now in Armenia but they managed to rectify the situation.

The future leaders said that they have an objective to build a system void of corruption but they need to act upon that. According to one of them, “We need to add experience to this dream, we must take actions.”

Co-founder of the U.S. Alumni Association of Armenia, President of the AYLA, and coordinator of the secretariat of the CSOs’ Anti-Corruption Coalition Karen Zadoyan presented Mikheil Saakashvili’s biography and anti-corruption activities. “In 2009 Saakashvili declared that they had eliminated corruption in Georgia. In fact, they had eliminated only the small-scale corruption thus raising Georgians’ anti-corruption perception. Nevertheless, the political corruption of the elite was left undefeatable,” said the speaker adding that the most famous and visible reforms were implemented in the systems of police forces and customs service of Georgia.

Karen Zadoyan reminded the listeners about the confiscation of the luxurious palace owned by the President of the Georgian Chamber of Control. According to him, after Saakashvili discovered corruption risks in the form of unjustified property, according to the corresponding law of 1997, he confiscated the palace of the President of the Georgian Chamber of Control and turned it into a nursing home. Mr. Zadoyan said, “He took about 40 elderly people to the building. Moreover, he was the one driving the bus.”

Then Karen Zadoyan spoke about Saakashvili’s activities in Ukraine, as well as his famous meeting with the representatives of prosecution bodies and law enforcement agencies in Odessa.

At the end of his presentation, Mr. Zadoyan made a comparison between Armenia and Georgia. Then the participants watched a documentary.

AYLA attorney Mariam Zadoyan made the second presentation during which she spoke about the mechanisms of fight against corruption and criminalization of illicit enrichment.

She highlighted the following mechanisms: criminalization of illicit enrichment, establishment of an independent anti-corruption body, improvement of the system of declaration of assets and interests of public servants and government officials, as well as protection of people providing information.

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