What are the Principles for elaboration of the Anti-Corruption Strategy?

What principles should be based on each anti-corruption strategy? Mr. Karen Zdaoya, the founding member of the U.S. Alumni Association, the AYLA President, and the coordinator of the secretariat of the CSOs Anti-Corruption Coalition spoke about these policies.

According to him the main principles are: the public participation, rule of law, due management of the state affairs and public procurements, integrity, probity and transparency, as well as strengthening of the coordination, bases of fundamental knowledge, sustainability and institutionalization of the process, mobilization and distribution of the resources , public communication and involvement.

“Most importantly, the government should encourage the effective practices of this implementation,” Mr. Zadoyan said.

According to Karen Zadoyan, the draft anti-corruption strategy should be aimed at justification, fundamental and realistic goals, have a national development strategy/priorities and a broader context, be integrated in the reform agenda, has a comprehensive and syatematic approach, and be a clear and understandable document.

Based on all of these, participants considered the process of development of the 2015-2018 Anti-Corruption Strategy of the RA and then do group works.

Then they passed to the issue of transparency as a principle of integrity. Advocate Miss Syuzanna Soghomonyan, AYLA Board Member delivered a lecture on this topic.

She said that integrity is a complex of disctibing principles, which is developed and introduced into the organization, the state body, having the aim to stimulate confidence and the relevance of the activities among the beneficiaries.

The AYLA Board Member also referred to the transparency, spoke about the procedures for providing information and the private information. She introduced the legislation as well. At the end the participants performed group work.

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