Fight against Corruption shall be conducted by Inevitability of Punishment rather than by its Severity: Karen Zadoyan

Fight against corruption is impossible without an appropriate education in schools and kindergartens. Today, Mr. Karen Zadoyan, Founding Member of the US Alumni Association of Armenia, AYLA President, Coordinator of the Secretariat of CSOs’ Anti-Corruption Coalition delivered a lecture on “Fight Against Corruption: Historical Overview”.

At the beginning he spoke about the anti-corruption values, stressing that introducing these values in schools and kindergartens will essentially heal the system. “The man should bear the values and then we can pass to oversight. However our reality is different. We try to control the corruption occurrences without instilling anti-corruption values in the person. This means here, in our kindergartens, schools and families the children are inclined to corruption and only then we introduce the control to prevent them from choosing the illegal way. This model is ineffective,” he said.

In addition, Karen Zadoyan introduced the three stages of fight against corruption: informing the civil society about corruption, adoption of the international legal instruments and implementation of these instruments on the national level.

Mr. Zadoyan continued the historical overview and spoke about the “International Organizations and Implementation of the Commitments by the Republic of Armenia.”

Speaking about our reality, he brought the example of the protest actions against the developments in the energy system which took place this summer. He introduced the problems of corruption on the example of these protest actions. “In fact, the protests, which related to energy prices, should have been aimed at the solution of one problem – the elimination of corruption. These increase of prices are associated with poor governance and corruption,” mentioned the AYLA President.

How to fight corruption? Karen Zadoyan believes that the severity of punishment is not the solution of the problem. “For example, China applies the severest punishments against the corrupt officials, up to death penalty. However corruption remains one of the major problems in this country. The problem here is not the severity of punishment but its inevitability. Honk Kong has solved this problem just in this way,” concluded Mr. Zadoyan.

During the seminar the participants and the speaker distinguished the lessons learned and pointed the future actions. At the end the conducted group works.

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