Yearly Archives: 2017

Proposal to include the Social Sector in the Anti-Corruption Strategy

Among these recommendations was the proposal to include the social security sector as a target sector in the Anti-Corruption Strategy 2015-2018 and to develop the Action Plan for 2017-2018 for the sector in cooperation with the professional CSOs and experts.

Arman Tatoyan met EU High-Ranking Officials

Considering the active engagement of Arman Tatoyan, the EU officials highlighted the importance of his role in the human rights protection and promotion and expressed their readiness to develop the cooperation between the Defender and the EU institutions by expanding and making it continuous.

We have a Victim at the Boarder

As a result of violation of the cease-fire regime by the enemy, soldier of the DA Gor Gareginyan, born on 1997 was deadly wounded.