Success stories

Another Success of Ararat Aadvocacy and Assistance Reception Center

Mr. Mirza Markosya, citzen of Ararat city applied to Ararat Aadvocacy and Assistance Reception Center and informed that he had not received his pension for two months. The reason was that the clerks of Ararat Post Office were sending him back stating that he had received his pension and signed for it.


Protection of Children’s Rights through Joint Efforts

Gegharkunik AAC uses all possible resources existing in the region to fight against corruption. AAC cooperates with different organizations. One of those is Astghacolk NGO, an organization AAC created a new relationship with in order to assist one of AAC’s visitors.

Another Solved Case by Tavush AAC

On 26.04.2010 Mrs. A Khachatryan applied to Tavush AARC and informed that she was divorced in 2008. After that the court decided to provide a room from the flat of her ex-husband to her and her two children. Mrs. A. Khachatryan applied to Ijevan city administration with a request to provide a reference on the composition of her family status, which she had to submit to the social bodies to receive poverty family benefit.

The Property Tax was paid in compliance with the established Rate

The citizen who had applied to Aparan Advocacy and Assistance Reception Center Reception Center of the RA complained that the registration certificate of his motor vehicle – BMW 5301 indicates that the motor of the car has 88/120 horsepower (hp). However the authorized body of the respective region calculated the property tax for his car as having 180 hp, which in result made 246.856 AMD, whereas in case of 120 hp the tax shall be only 62.760 AMD.