Success stories

Vayots Dzor AAC supported the Citizen to avoid unfounded Delays

On 16.12.2011 citizen of Vayk city V.M applied to Vayots Dzor AAC for legal support and consultancy. He had lost his birth certificate some months ago and could to receive the duplicate copy because of different reasoning by the corresponding bodies.


Citizen’s Property Right recognized with Yerevan AAC Support

Some months before Mr. R.H. came to Yerevan AAC and informed that he was member of “Granit” gardening union, however his property right on ownership of the land plot # 34 is not recognized, and consequently he cannot use the land. He applied to AAC with request to assist to solve the issue through the court.

The Debt reduced for Four Times

Citizen of Hrazdan Kh.S. applied to Kotayk AAC on 21.11.2011 with complaint on problems with Water Supply Company. The Company had imposed a demand of 120.000AMD debt for failure to pay for the supplied water. The beneficiary did not agree with this claim with the reasoning that he was out of the Republic for a long time and had not used water equal to the demanded sum.

AAC stood for My Right

On 21 February 2011, Mr. G.A., entrepreneur, citizen of Hrazdan city of Kotayk marz, owner of a small shop, applied to Kotayk AAC and provided a video material which introduced the suspicious and unlawful actions of several employees of taxation cervices towards him and his business.