The Convicted of the Trafficking Case, Bavakan would Testify for her Sister upon the Trial

39-years-old Heriqnaz who was accused of trafficking of Armenian women in Dubai ensured the presence of her sister, Bavakan. Bavakan was sentenced to 11 years imprisonment last year for involving a group of women in trafficking.

Today, the court (presided by the Judge Arshak Vardanyan) reported that the mediation made by the Defense for Bavakan Khachatryan standing trial and for witnessing upon the trial. According to the Defense, Bavakan was forced to testify against her sister Heriqnaz.

But the two Defenders of the accused were absent as in the last time and did not apply to the court for their absence.

The accused reported that when she talked to her Defender Hrant Gevorgyan, he was at hospital with signs of heart problems.

The trial was postponed and appointed on August 28.

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