The Accused does not Know Who will Play the Role of Defrauded Paylak Hayrapetyan: “The Offshore Case”

Today, the examination of the injured businessman Paylak Hayrapetyan during the court hearing under the presiding judge Vardan Grigoryan on the scandalous Offshore case took place at the Court of General Jurisdiction of First Instance of Eerebuni and Nubarashen Administrative districts.

During the previous hearing P. Hayrapetyan mentioned in his testimony that the accused Ashot Sukiasyan had said that he had mines in African Sierra Leone State and corresponding technique for getting and manufacturing gold and diamond, but then it turned out that he had nothing.

Today Ashot Sukiasyan said that in October 2012 Paylak Hayrapetyan wrote a letter to him in Russian, saying that if he did not write all his property in the name of P. Hayrapetyan, it would be bad, and if he agreed to do so, accusation against him on the initiated criminal case would he removed. He asked the victim what he had demanded from him at the time when he had nothing in his name. Notably, at the previous session the accused blamed Paylak Hayrapetyan for wanting to snatch his business.

Paylak Hayrapetyan replied that at that time the bank had put up all his property for auction, and he had done so in order to save his estate.

The accused Ashot Sukiasyan turned to the victim and said: “After the end of this case I’ll shoot a film, but I do not know who will be able to play your role.”

In 2009 the Minister of Economy Nerses Yeritsyan and directors of industrial organizations had a meeting-consultation headed by Prime Minster Tigran Sargsyan, during which the credit line of 500 million USD was discussed. 100 million out from 500 Russia must have given for diamond raw material and the repayment of the credit must have been done by the processed diamond itself.

Businessman Paylak Hayrapetyan had suggested pledging al his immovables worth 33 million USD for receiving 12,5 million USD credit from “Ameriabank” and importing diamond raw material from African Sierra Leone State. “Ameribank” had given 10 million USD to Ashot Sukiasyan’s CJSC and then on the basis of not carrying out credit responsibilities the bank started to own the immovable pledged by Paylak Hayrapetyan.

To the court’s question who had decided that 12.5 million USD had been necessary, P. Hayrapetyan said that it was the Ex-Minister Nerses Yeritsyan, claiming that the biggest sinners for the case were Ex-Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan and Archbishop Navasard Kjoyan.

Today ended Paylak Hayrapetysn’s examination; during the next hearing the other victims will be examined. The next court hearing was set on 6 August.

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