The Defense left the Court Room without Permission

“I have filed a petition of challenge to the new appointed Prosecutor Hayrapetyan by considering him inappropriate. I am waiting for the judge Grigoryan’s verdict; hope he will accept the petition” said the Defense Kromvel Grigoryan.

In the Court of First Instance of General Jurisdiction of Ajapnyak and Davtashen districts (presiding Judge Tatevik Grigoryan) continued the trial on the case of the murder of waitress Mariam Hunanyan in which Davit Tamrazyan is accused.

The Judge rejected to file the Defense Kromvel Girgoryan’s petition, considering it groundless. The Prosecutor petitioned to put Davit Tamrazyan’s apartment under arrest. The Judge Tatevik Grigoryan listening to the parties decided that it had better to wait for the answer of the State Committee of Real Property Cadastre of the Government of the Republic of Armenia because there is no evidence that the apartment belongs to the accused.

Then the Defense Kromvel Grigoryan petitioned that the trial would be postponed for 2 hours because he had to make a speech for other case. The Judge decided to refuse a request and continue the trial. The Defense Grigoryan once again mentioned that he must go and left without permission. The judge decided to apply a sanction against Kromvel Grigoryan by warning and postponing the trial.
The continuation of the case examination will be on July 24.

Roza Vardanyan

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