They thought I will die and put the Blame on me: the last Plea of the Accused

“I am the victim, they thought I would die in the hospital and put everything on me. I am not guilty”-said Gagik Aperyan in his last plea in the court. The other two accused Armen Grigoryan and Hamlet Manukyan said in their last plea that they were not guilty.

After hearing the last plea of the accused the Court of General Jurisdiction of Shengavit district under the presiding judge Alexander Azaryan went to the advisory room to rule a judgment.

According to the indictment defendant Armen Grigoryan was walking with his wife on Baghramyan Avenue on February 9 last year, when Hamlet Manukyan and Gurgen Goletsyan coming in the opposite direction made offensive expressions towards him and his wife: “She’s gorgeous but he’s useless”.  An hour later on that basis Armen Grigoryan with his two brothers entered into an argument with the other two men, which ended up in a fight with the involvement of other persons as well.

Later nearly at 2 a.m.  Hamlet went to Armen’s house with more than four people to get revenge, and started to swear and threaten Armen and his family members. Armen went out of the house and shot first in the air and then on the asphalt, as a result the bullet reflected and hit the door of the car and then it hit of Hamlet’s friend Gagik in the face. Gagik got an injury of moderate severity  with a durable health degradation.

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