The Court Case on the Conflict resulted from One Word is coming to End

The conflict that emerged as a result of one word will soon be resolved. The court of General jurisdiction of Shengavit Administrative District under the presidency of Judge Aleksander Azaryan continued the debates phase of the criminal case initiated against Armen Grigoryan, Hamlet Manukyan and Gagik Aperyan.

According to the indictment defendant Armen Grigoryan was walking with his wife on Baghramyan Street on February 9 last year, when Hamlet Manukyan and Gurgen Goletsyan coming in the opposite direction made offensive expressions towards him and his wife: “She’s gorgeous but he’s useless”.  An hour later on that basis Armen Grigoryan with his two brothers entered into an argument with the other two men, which ended up in a fight with the involvement of other persons as well. Three people, including Armen Grigoryan, were charged under the case.

During the last court hearing the prosecution had made a speech. The defense had to hold its speech at the regular court hearing; but the advocate of one of the defendants’ was absent. Prosecution and the defense did not object to continue the debates phase in the absence of the advocate. However, the judge guided by the provision of Article 304 of the RA criminal procedure Code (Participation of
Defense lawyer in trial and consequences of his failure to attend), decided to postpone the hearing and to ensure participation of the advocate in the debates phase.

At the same time Judge Aleksander Azaryan considered the advocate’s default for appearance in the court as an unexcused absence and stated that if the same thing happens again at the next trial, judicial sanctions will be applied against the advocate.

The Court session was postponed.

Gayane Gevorgyan

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