“This is an unprecedented, Provocative and Deceitful Step leading to the Escalation of the Conflict” Gerasim Barseghyan

Gerasim Barsegyan, well known Political Analyst and Political Scientist, wrote in his Facebook page․

When the Azerbaijanian side shot the helicopter of Nagorno-Karabakh Defense Ministry, they well understoof the effects of this shallow and incendiary act. Obviously, this is definitely a provocative action leading to escalation of the conflict. So why do these scoundrels strain the situation especially now. One of the most realistic explanations is that actually they are likely trying to disrupt the latest achievements in the peacemaking negotiations. It is clear that the Azedbaijani dictator, after reaching some agreements at the negotiating table, then he probably understands the threats underlying there, up to the danger to losing power and returns to “his circle”. Naturally, if not this one he would obviously use another perfidious incident to solve his problems. Anyway, we have recently witnessed a lot of different subversive attacks and other lawless acts of sabotage. Thus, our conclusion is one: any such step should receive an adequate response. Unfortunately, there is no other option. Just two or three months ago, only in this way it was possible to silence the foe that lost its sense of reality and sense.

I pay tribute to the memory of our heroic soldiers. There is a sort of pain in my heart but I do not want to give up to the emotions.


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