A Video Relating to the Violence against Hakob Injighulyan has been Acquired. Ministry of Defence

Press Secretary of the RA Ministry of Defense Artsrun Hovhannisyan came up with an announcement on his Facebook page relating to the case of Hakob Injighulyan.

The Press Secretary states that the Ministry of Defense Confirms the news spread in the media that the RA authorities have acquired additional information on Hakob Injighulyan being taken hostage, inhuman treatment against him, grave violations of human rights and international humanitarian law. “More concretely, there is a video footage that additionally confirms the sin nature of the Azerbaijani propaganda machine. The video is directly linked to the violence against Injighulyan and thus making him give announcements non-compliant with the reality. It also reveals the Azerbaijani saboteurs who claimed to “have been visiting the graves of their relatives”, the announcement states.

The Press Secretary also informed that the video is not subject to mass distribution. “It is because of the unacceptability in terms of sensitive information on a person and in terms of ethics. But it might be presented to the international organizations dealing with human rights protection and diplomatic representations with the condition of adhering to its confidentiality”, said Mr. Hovhannisyan.


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