It`s not about the Constitution: Lawyer Norayr Norikyan referring to the reforms

Discussions around Constitutional reforms get more intense. Judging from the degree of importance of the issue, as well as from the content of announcements by political powers, we cone conclude that in the coming 1 or 2 years the issue of Constitutional reforms will be on the political life agenda.

Certain governing people already announce that the transition to another state-governance system – Parliamentary system,  is not excluded.

Aristotle was using the concept “Constitution” while speaking of state structure, effective organization of state authority, and of its democratic and just nature.

What have we done since 05 July 1995?

Now when the necessity of change of state governance system is explained essentially by the imperative to break certain negative stereotypes rooted in the public life, it seems that it would be more logical and moral if somebody presented a report (literally) to the society on the degree of effectiveness of the Constitution within this entire time-period.
Whatever others say and whatever system they support, one thing is obvious for me.

1. Article 2 of the Constitution has been violated in all possible ways since its adoption.

2. All the national elections since 1995 have passed with violations, and their lawfulness has always been doubted.

3. The governing authorities since independence /regardless of people and political powers/ have always been reproduced, and never has been defeated in the elections.

4. Political opposition has never succeeded in the elections, and after the post-election rallies gradually have become marginal,

5. The permanent steps towards Election system “improvement” resulted in the insertion of new election fraud mechanisms.

6. Society has never been a political factor, while it was supposed to be the ordering party of all this bunch, and it was supposed to dictate the logic of political system mood and processes.

And in these conditions the transition to a new system means just one thing, that our country has become a country of false agendas, where the ruling logic is that through changing something and transition to something new we`ll live in a different state or society.
In general, life has proved that the one getting out of the water will fall into a well.

Problem does not lie in the constitution, but rather in respecting it and implementing its norms, which is unfortunately far away for us…

Another challenge that will end in the deepest disappointment.

Post from Lawyer Norik Norikyan`s Facebook profile. 

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