“She’s gorgeous but he’s useless” – passersby offended a married couple

The Judge of the Shengavit Court of general jurisdiction Alexander Azaryan presided a case proceeding of a conflict resulted from an expression. According to the indictment defendent Armen Grigoryan was walking with his wife on Baghramyan street on February 9 last year, when Hamlet Manukyan and Gurgen Goletsyan coming in the opposite direction made offensive expressions towards him and his wife: “She’s gorgeous but he’s useless”.

An hour later on that basis Armen Grigoryan with his two brothers entered into an argument with the other two men, which ended up in a fight.

According to the same indictment avengeful Hamlet Manukyan, Aram Goletsyan, Gagik Aperyan, Hamlet Hakobyan, Arman Chatinyan and non-identified some others found out Armen Grigoryan`s home address, and on February 10 at around 02:00 they went there where made threats of violence against Armen Grigoryan and came up with sexual blasphemy for 20 minutes, violated public order and committed hooliganism.

The situation ended up with Armen Grigoryan coming out of his home and shooting with illegal firearms first in the air, and then to the ground which resulted in the bullet accidentally hitting Gagik Aperyan standing next to the “Vaz 2121” car causing him an average injury.

Charges have been raised against not only Armen Grigoryan based on the Criminal Code articles on unintendedly causing an average injury to another person and keeping and using an illegal firearms, but also against Hamlet Manukyan and Gagik Aperyan. Hamlet Manukyan is charged with hooliganism organized with a group of other people. And Gagik Aperyan has been charged with violating public order and making inappropriate expressions towards Armen Grigoryan and his family members.

Armen Grigoryan is arrested, for Hamlet Manukyan and Gagik Aperyan a restraint has been applied with a signature not to leave the country.

During today`s court proceeding Sofya Sargsyan gave witness. She is a neighbour of Armen Grigoryan for 15 years. She described the situation while adding that she had never heard anything bad about Armen, that the latter is a decent young person. She also noted that the difference between Armen getting out of his home and shooting the firearms has been some 2-3 minutes.

While Prosecutor Armen Margaryan noted that there is some contradiction in the evidence given by this witness and others. Some witnesses informed the court before that the difference of leaving home and shooting was just seconds.

Noteworthy that to the question of Armeni Grigoryan`s defender Grigori Shahverdyan as to how the witness considers the behaviour of the young people, she definitely answered – hooliganism.

As other witnesses were not present at the court sitting, the Judge decided to call on their presence at the court and postponed the court sitting.

Nune Hovsepyan


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