Koryur Nhapetyan about his Appointment as Minister of Justice: “Hraparak Daily”

“Hraparak” daily had an interview with Koryun Nhapetyan, Chair of the Standing Committee on Defense, National Security and Internal Affairs. The latter is Samvel Alexanyan’s sister’s husband.

To the journalist’s question that he has a great support in the face of Samvel Alexanyan, and whether the latter had interceded for his appointment to the post of a minister, Koryun Nahapetyan answered:

“First, no one shall advocate for me, because if there will be such a wish, it first of all must occur at me. Second, the offer must be made duly and third you know well who should propose.”

Referring to the information in media, the journalist also interested whether there was a discussion on his appointment to the post of the Minister of Justice. “I do not know where from this information is. Media like to write referring to ‘reliable sources’ and the discussion starts around this,” Koryun Nahapetyan answered.

The Complete interview in today’s issue of “Hraparak” Daily.

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