The prices of some products rose on the eve of “Last Call”

On the eve of “Last Call” the prices of cloths, cafes, restaurants, photo-services and flowers have risen for 5-7 per cent. Today during the meeting with journalists informed the chairman of “Armenian Consumers’ Association” Armen Poghosyan.
“Parents spent the necessary money on clothes, outlook and other things for the event and then talk about corruption in schools and among teacher”, said the head of sociology chair of YSU, candidate of political sciences, associate professor Artur Atanesyan. According to him the preparations for the “Last Call” increase expenses of a family for about tenfold during a year.
“Break those social illnesses which you nurture every time with your behavior. You don’t need to worry about social opinion-you must build social opinion by your own example”, advises Artur Atanesyan. At the end of the conference the sociologist suggested parents to change the idea voiced in the film “Ktor m Yerkinq” (A Piece of Sky) -“Society is powerful”. We must make society powerful in a positive way.

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