The “April War 2016” Website has been launched

The “April War 2016” website ( has been launched by joint efforts of “Armsec” Scientific-Educational Center NGO and the Center for Strategic Research of Yerevan State University.

The website is dedicated to the April War 2016, the military operations, the history of the deceased heroes’ life and heroic deeds, as well as the current stage of the Armenian-Azerbaijani war.

The current stage of the war, its motives and the possible options for overcoming is highlighted, in the question-and-answer format with the readers. The section presenting the heroism of the military servicemen at the front-line explained the role of the rear and civilian population in the war-time.

The website contains analytical pieces, fact-sheets, interviews, and chronology of events that explain the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, as well as Armenia’s strategic concerns with regard to the conflict and can be useful both for Armenian and foreign audiences.

The “April War 2016” website also has an Azerbaijani page where answers to questions that are interesting to the enemy’s audience and which the Azerbaijani active users often try to get from the Armenian side. The Azerbaijani version of the webpage is available only for Azerbaijani users.

The content of the website was implemented by the “Armsec” Scientific-Educational Center NGO in 2016 within the framework of the grant program announced by the RA Presidential Staff for NGOs and the competition announced by the Armenian Youth Foundation. “Locator” CJSC on pro bono basis implements the activities of the creation of the site, its technical and security maintenance activities.

At present, the works directed to replenish the content of the site. In the near future it is planned to continue the process of presenting stories, analytical materials and presentation of the chronicle about the perished soldiers and servicemen killed in April-May 2016.

The preliminary information on the content of the site has been collected through the field work and with the representatives of the relevant military units of the Defense Army and Defense Ministry that were involved in combat operations, site visits to the homes and families of the perished soldiers as well as permanent mutual consultation with leading and recognized professionals in the field.

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