The Note found from the Pocket of the killed Cadet Haykaz Barseghyan was not written by him

“No one is to blame, I am just tired of the fuss, sorry” – this note was not written by Haykaz Barseghyan. Handwriting-psychologists came to this conclusion after studying the letter.

Today, the trial of 19-year-old cadet Haykaz Barseghyan’s death case was continued at the First Instance Court of Avan and Nor Nork Administrative districts under the presidency of the judge David Harutyunyan.

Today, the experts Elda Abrahamyan and Mariam Mehrabyan got acquainted with the case and came to the court. Elda Abrahamyan said that they had not carried out the forensic examination of the accused persons, and after having examined the note they came to the conclusion that Haykaz was not the author. She said: “The man who comes to suicide is not interested in life at all, he is in such situation that he prefers not to exist physically, but here is simply a situation of bad mood.” And Mariam Mehrabyan drew attention pf the presents to the word fuss” in the note: “This is a very important word, in such situation people think only how difficult the life is and does not care what will happen in the future”.

Today, the two parties had questions to the experts, especially after the questions of the defense attorney Ara Zaqaryan it turned out that the methodology of the expertise was taken from the Russian model. He said: “I have spoken to different experts who mentioned that in order the conclusion to be reliable and credible, we need approbation carried out for the Armenian language as well.”

During the regular session the motion for invalidation of the mentioned examination was also discussed, according to the defense attorneys the experts have exceeded the limits of their powers. The defense party referred to the Article 180 of the Criminal Procedure Code, according to which the witness or the victim not being able to understand and reproduce the circumstances disclosed in a criminal case can be established only by the conclusion of the forensic expert. The prosecutors objected to the motion.

After hearing both parties the judge, said that additional two hours would be needed to take a decision on the motion and as the working day was coming to the end, it was decided to publish the decision the next day.

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