Waitress’s Murder Case: The Defendant asked whether He Smelled like Meat

Today the taxi driver was questioned in court as a witness in waitress Mariam Hunanyan’s murder case.

He said that on the day of the incident, 7 May 2013, he received an order and took a young woman to Arzumanyan Street. The interrogation revealed that this information concerned Milena Mirijanyan, another witness in the case. When describing the passenger, the driver recalled, “She was a young woman, about 30 years old or younger. I don’t remember the colors of her clothes.”

Defendant Davit Tamrazyan’s advocate Kromvel Grigoryan asked about the color of the driver’s car and the driver said that he could not tell for sure: A year and a half had passed, and the cars had changed. He could not remember the weather on that day either.

The witness said that Milena got in his car in the evening hours, gave him her phone, and he was told over the phone to go to Arzumanyan Street.

He stopped the car in front of a school, and 20 minutes later a young man wearing a hooded jacket approached them and got into the car. The witness said, “The guy ordered to go to the Complex, which was the place where I finished the order.”

The advocate said that in the document presented to the court 4 hours was specified as the duration of the order and, handing the note to the taxi driver, he asked him about that. The driver replied that only the taxi service can answer that question.

Afterwards the advocate spoke about the details of the investigator’s interrogation, and, quoting Milena Mirijanyan’s testimony, said that on the day of interrogation there were two investigators in the same room and one of them questioned her while the other questioned the taxi driver. The witness clarified that he remembered how he had entered the investigation room where he saw a woman who recognized him saying, “It was him;” after that the woman was taken out of the room.

The advocate’s questions were followed by the defendant’s question to the taxi driver: If he were drunk would the driver be able to tell that by the smell? The driver did not write off that possibility. Then Davit Tamrazyan asked, “Look, you have passed by the Goom Market, there is an unpleasant smell of meat there, did I smell that way?” The driver said no (it’s worth mentioning that Davit has been a chef and has worked in various restaurants).

The judge asked whether the young man who had gotten in the driver’s car on 7 May was Davit Tamrazyan or not, the driver could not remember anything and give a definite answer.

Then the court passed to the examination of the criminal case evidence.

The prosecutor quoted an excerpt from the record of investigative operations in which Davit Tamrazyan participated on the day of the incident. The defendant had confessed his guilt in the record. The latter revealed that Davit and the deceased had gone to an apartment together. The defendant had asked her to lie on the bed and close her eyes saying that he wanted to make her a surprise. The record read, “After closing Mariam’s eyes he immediately took out a knife and cut her throat, put the knife back in the pocket, went to the toilet to wash his hands, wiped his hands with a towel, put the towel in his pocket, then entered the living room, wiped the traces with another towel and put it in his pocket.”

Apart from this, a DVD was studied today. The two 4-minute videos in the DVD were made in the framework of investigative operations.

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Gevorg Tosunyan


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