Hrachya Harutyunyan will be extradited to Armenia: “Haykakan Zhamank”

“Haykakan Zhamanak” newspaper informs that an agreement was made on the issue of the extradition of Hrachya Harutyunyan, the RA citizen imprisoned in Russia “In fact this question also will be solved due to the activist blocking Baghramyan Avenue”,- writes the newspaper.

Yesterday evening in Yerevan, the RA President Serzh Sargsyan and Intergovernmental Commission on Economic Cooperation’s head, RF Minister of Transport Maksim Sokolov came to the agreement that the juridical process of Russian military from the RF military base Valery Permyakov suspected in the brutal murder, will be handed to the RA Investigative Committee. Before this, the Prosecutor General of the RA Gevorg Kostanyan alongside with the Russian side referring to the Russian Constitution insisted that Permyakov’s extradition to Armenia is impossible.

The traffic accident took place in Podolsk on 13 July, 2013, when the RA citizen working in RF Hrachya Harutyunyan’s truck collided with a passenger bus, resulting in death of 18 people and injuries of 30 people. Hrachya Harutyunyan is sentenced to 6 years and 9 months prison by the Russian Court.

Russian media and law authorities had displayed a discriminatory approach to Hrachya Harutyunyan’s national dignity. He was brought to the courtroom in a flowered robe and the Russian State TV informed that the RA citizen is belling. Such action raised a storm of protest in Armenia.

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