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The Advocate is Surprised by the Verdict of Judge Mesrop Makyan

On 16 June judge Mesrop Makyan announced the verdict of defendant Ashot Arushanyan, employee at HSBC, and he was convicted to imprisonment of 5 years and 6 months. The youngster with higher education is accused of assisting to the theft of particularly large amount of money. His lawyer Liparit Simonyan informed Iravaban.net that the accusation verdict against his defendant was based on the testimonies of another person which the court recognized as unacceptable evidence. Later the person who had given this testimony and was detained as accused, committed suicide with his father after the detention measure was changed.

According to the materials of the case, the deputy director of the “Manana Grain ” LLC Armen Manukyan was transferring 56 mln AMD to the bank. On the way to the bank he parked his car next to the “Sam” Restaurant complex on Arshakunyats ave. and went on for some private business. At that time 2 youngsters broke the window of the car and stole the money. The Prosecutor`s office came to the conclusion that Ashot Arushanyan had provided information to the defendants. 

Let us also mention that Ashot Arishanyan is in detention for already 2 years. The First instance court made an accusation verdict, but the Court of Cassation overturned this verdict and sent the case to a new examination of the first instance court.

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