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Hunger Strike in front of the RA Presidential Palace

Today on 12 November Ashot Arushanyan`s family members – father, mother and brother started a termless hunger strike in front of the RA Presidential Palace. Let us remind that yesterday they held an action at the same place and addressed letters to the RA President and 4 factions of the National Assembly.

“The only person who can end this unlawfulness is the president. There are strong powers behind this case and they do everything so that Ashot Arushanyan is convicted”, Ashot Arushanyan`s father Lavrent Arushanyan informed Iravaban.net.

Lavrent Arushanyan also informed that his son wasn`t ever capable of committing a theft of such large amounts. “He  finished his bachelor`s and Masters at the YSU Faculty of Economics with distinction, graduated from the American University with excellence, was admitted to the Doctoral program of the YSU Faculty of Economics with excellent marks and was to defend his candidacy in a week when he was unlawfully arrested”, said Mr. Arushanyan.

Ashot Arushanyan`s family members also informed that they didn`t have hope from the Criminal Court of Appeals.

Details in the video.


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