“Socially Disadvantaged Class should be Protected from Corruption”

Representative of “Gavar Business Center” NGO Anahit Shazazyan thinks that the 4 target spheres selected in the framework of the RA Draft Anti-Corruption Strategy for 2014-2018 should be enhanced and include also the social sphere.

“We also had many meetings and discussions among us and came to the conclusion that it should be included in the Draft Strategy. I am speaking about the implementation of anti-corruption programs. It is not a secret that the most corrupt sphere is the social. There are many problems here”, stated Mrs. Shazazyan adding that especially in Gegharkunik region social problems are very pronounced. “Socially disadvantaged class should be protected from corruption, and if this sphere is included in the Anti-Corruption Strategy, I think more attention will be paid to the problems in the regions”, she concluded.

The NGO member also referred to the fact that only 2 places are allocated to the NGOs in the Council which will confirm the Draft Anti-Corruption Strategy. “This is quite a wrong approach. We speak about the civil society engagement in the fight against corruption while the main form of this engagement is through NGOs, and I think that only 2 places among 14 is too few”.



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