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Ashot Arushanyan goes on Hunger Strike

Today the pleadings on the court hearing on Edgar Karakeshishyan and Ashot Arushanyan’s case began in the RA Criminal Court of Appeal.

Ashot Arushanyan’s advocate Liparit Simonyan held a speech. He argued that the trial court’s decision is subject to appeal, and Ashot Arushanyan should be rendered a judgment of acquittal.

The advocate noted that the court had built its conclusions based on the inadmissible as evidence. He was referring to the testimony of the late Artashes Galustyan who was a defendant involved in the case. “A deal had taken place between the preliminary investigation body and Artashes Galustyan had taken place, and he testified against Ashot Arushanyan, hoping that he will be released,” the advocate said.

At the end Asot Arushanyan declared that he was going on a hunger strike and thus joined the members of his family who were on hunger strike.

The complete text in Armenian is available here.


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