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Whatever I wanted, I would have demanded. I can do everything. the investigator was questioned at the court, the defendant considered his testimonies as a lie

Today the Court of Appeals questioned investigator Mushegh Aleksanyan on the case of Ashot Arushanyan and Edgar Karakeshishyan. During the last court sitting Ashot Arushanyan`s defender Liparit Simonyan requested to have the investigator questioned, as Mushegh Aleksanyan took some unlawful actions during the investigation.

The investigator stated at the beginning of the questioning that 2 years have passed, he had had many cases and did not remember much. The defender got interested whether the witnesses had been questioned, the investigator replied that he did not remember. Liparit Simonyan asked why the investigator had not questioned one of the witnesses. The judges intervened stating that the defender was not asking questions.”It is up to the investigator to decide who to question. Dear advocate, you come here and ask why he hasn`t questioned this or that person. It is not about unlawful acts, in this case there is no unlawfulness, it`s investigative tactics”, stated the presiding judge Karine Ghazaryan.

Liparit Simonyan got interested whether the video present in the case had been edited by the investigator, the latter said no. “Then how is it that a 1-hour video is presented by the expert, while you provided a 40-minute video. How can the expert`s opinion come with 20-minute reduction?” asked the advocate, and the investigator answered that they should rely on what is provided in the case.

The investigator was also questioned by Ashot Arushanyan, and his questions were being removed by the court, after a couple of minutes listening to the answers, the defendant announced that he is lying.

The investigator was quite angry during the sitting, and he even got reprimanded for trespassing the correctness. During the questioning, when his actions were being discussed, Mushegh Aleksanyan simply announced. “Whatever I wanted I would have demanded, I can do everything”.


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