Advocates about the competition for Armenia`s judge at the ECHR

As we already informed, the name of Armenia`s judge at the ECHR will be known already today. According to the information we have, the Competition Commission was working yesterday night til 03:00.

While the Commission members were holding the competition, advocates were observing the process, and according to advocate Inessa Petrosyan it was being held in an objective manner. “I was following the process through Mass media sources, and I think the format of competition for choosing Armenia`s judge at the ECHR was the right choice, especially that the process is kept public. To my mind it will be objective, I don`t want to come up with preliminary opinions, though”, Mrs. Petrosyan mentioned.

The advocate thinks that besides personal characteristics and professional qualities, Armenia`s judge at the ECHR will have to be endowed with independence. “In any case he/she does not have to present and implement the opinion of the current authorities, should have a neutral position”, she stated.

Advocate Levon Barseghyan was also following the process through online sources. “It is desirable that the subjectivity of Armenia`s judge at the ECHR becomes maximal and the objectivity wins, this will benefit not only the Republic of Armenia, but moreover – Europe”, he said.

The monitoring of the competition is being implemented by the “Europe in Law Association” NGO, whose members refused to give any comment to the interview stage yesterday, stating that they will express their position after the competition.

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