Results of the interviews for Armenia`s judge at the ECHR will be published today

Today the Competition Commission on selection of Armenia`s judge at the ECHR will publish the record of its decision which will present the grades of the participants who took part in  the stage of interviews, as well as the position of the Commission on the questions raised during the last days.

Yesterday was the last days of interviews. For two days the Commission was interviewing candidates for Armenia`s judge at the ECHR in the Library Hall of the Court of Cassation, the candidates presented their professional experience and skills, answered to the questions of Commission members which aimed to uncover the candidates` professional abilities and conduct of foreign languages (English or French).

Candidates answered to the Commission Members` questions, presented their position on having an independent judiciary in Armenia, as well as on steps to mitigate mistrust towards judicial system, etc.

Member of the Commission and President of the Constitutional Court asked all of the candidates to describe the normative nature of justice, legal equality and democracy.

Rector of the Academy of Justice and Member of the Commission Ruben Melikyan asked whether the candidates have had the opportunity of using a precedent decision of the ECHR in their practice.

Human Rights Defender and Commission Member Karen Andreasyan wanted to know the opinions of the candidates on social drawbacks which impede human rights protection in Armenia. According to candidates, problems are of various nature, ranging from corruption to mistrust towards courts.

11 candidates took part in the interviews. You can have a look at the list of those candidates here.

The names of the 3 candidates who will be presented to the RA President for consideration will be known already today.

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