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The Court Granted the Motions of A. Arushanyan’s Defender: The Investigator and the Witness will be examined

Mushegh Aleksanyan, the investigator that examined Ashot Arushanyan’s and Edgar Karakeshishyan’s case and the witness Karen Mkrtchyan will be examined. The Court of Criminal Appeals granted the motion of Ashot Arushanyan’s defender Liparit Simonyan.

In his petition, the defender noted, “The Court of General Jurisdiction denial the defense motion to involve Musheg Aleksanyan, the investigator of this case as a witness and to examine him was unjustified. He should be asked why he had visited the accused Artashes Galstyan in “Nubarashen” penitentiary, without the defender and took testimony. Also he should be asked about his frequent phone calls with the accused Petros Galustov during his visit to the penalty institution and at the time of interrogating the accused. “What was the reason that the investigator failed to meet the lawful instructions of the prosecutor supervising the investigation?” noted the advocate and added the fact of violations that had taken place during the preliminary investigation

In addition, he made another motion, “The First Instance Court, in violation of the requirement of Article 342 of the Criminal Procedure Code, to announce and examine the witness Karen Mkrtchyan’s testimony, in case when there were no reasons which might hinder his coming to the court. Karen Mkrtchyan should have been called to the court and examined on the day of the occurrence about his constant phone calls with Artashes Galstyan, the phone call in the morning from Nerkin Dvin village of Ararat marz, and the fact of passing him the sum of 6 mln AMD. Thus I solicit to invite Karen Mkrtchyan to the court.”

In today’s hearing, advocate Simonyan stated that the defense has acquired the expertise that the video record in the criminal case was not complete, but it was mounted. Mr. Simonyan was going to bring evidences on the fact and to make a statement after publicizing the motion. However the court announced the decision and just after that delayed the court hearing. The next hearing will take place on 13 October. The advocate will make the appropriate motion.

Details of the court hearing in the video.


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