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The Court sitting on the case of Edgar Karakeshishyan and Ashot Arushanyan was postponed

Today the hearing of the appeals  of Ashot Arushanyan`s and Edgar Karakeshishyan`s lawyares Liparit Simonyan and Rafik Safaryan was postponed at the RA Criminal Court of Appeals.

The First Instance Court of General jurisdiction of Kentron and Nork-Marash Coomunities of Yerevan has recognized Edgar Karakeshyan and Ashot Arushanyan guilty on the Third Part, 1st Provision of Article 177 of the RA Criminal Code (for a theft in particularly large amounts, which provides for 4-8 years of imprisonment) and sentenced Edgar Karakeshyan to 7-year, and Ashot Arushanyan – to 5-year 6 month imprisonment.

During the last hearings Edgar Karakeshishyan`s lawyer Rafik Safaryan said that the Court of First instance has made procedural and material law violations while making the judgement, and didn`t implement a comprehensive, full and objective investigation, and the evidence researched wasn`t correctly evaluated.

And Ashot Arushanyan`s lawyer Liparit Simonyan, informed the correspondent of Iravaban.net that it becomes obvious from the accusatory conclusion that accusations against Ashot Arushanyan are based only on the testimony by now-deceased Artashes Galustyan, and the materials of the accusation came to prove his testimony, but are of  a facultative nature and contradict Galustyan`s testimonies.

One of the judges was missing from today`s court sitting, so it was postponed, and the next sitting was set for 29 September.


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